One… Two… Three… Bluueerrgh

So aye this week started well. Got into work early on monday so that Vonnie could get into work early that night and get some brownie points and some extra money.

Everything was going well until about 8pm, Nairn had went down easily to sleep and Id just won the league and the uefa cup in Champ Manager 2007 when I heard a weird noise behind me. Sausage was being violently sick on the livingroom floor and must have brought up about half his body weight. He was then sick several more times over the next few hours causing Vonnie to start thinking about 24 hour vets when she got home. He calmed down though and seemed to be a bit more of himself so we left it and went to bed.

I wasnt feeling that well when I went to bed. Tight stomach and I was running a bit of a temperature but its nothing I havent had before. I think i managed to last until about 2am before i decided id better try the toilet. Needless to say I was like Mark that morning when we went camping near Aviemore except I had a sink to be sick into. And again at 4am and again at 5am. I did make a new friend though. Sausage and me have never got on that well but when i was being sick he curled up on my feet or my lap each time as if trying to make me feel better, the other cats just wanted to climb on my head or taste my sick :S

Needless to say I didnt go into work the next day but despite having the laptop for working at home my eyes were that sore I couldnt spend any time on a computer anyway never mind the wee screen on the laptop. My heads been thumping since tuesday and although im feeling better my stomach still isnt liking food and making sure it doesnt spend to long inside me.

Back to Tuesday morning… Went to get Nairn only to find he’d been sick all over his bed and seems to be suffering from the same thing as me. We thought it was food poisoning at first but now we dont know. Steph was ill on the monday and our friend thats a doc type person, djbarry’s wife Kirsten, has said there’s a nasty rotovirus going about thats probably caused it. Anyway Vonnie had planned to get all her uni work up to date on tuesday and now she had two sick folk to deal with instead. Add onto that our PC refused to boot. I managed to have a look at it but despite reseating all the cards and RAM and checking all the peripherals it still wouldnt start up so I had to reinstall WinXP, During this time though something in the room went bang and we dont know what but I have found that my PC is running on 256MB these days so I’m hoping it wasnt a memory card exploding and its just me not reseating it properly.

That brings me to yesterday. Finn came back from Alan’s and immediately after getting home from school went to his friends where he had dinner then went to bed as soon as he got home. I was woken by Vonnie screaming at me and not knowing what was going on. Then I heard a devil speak. Turns out Finn was ill as well and had been sick all over his room before making it to the toilet. I started cleaning that up only to be told that the whole neighbourhood could see me and Id better get a dressing gown on :S

So Vonnie now has 3 folk to look after. I’m feeling alot better although I was almost sick whilst walking round to Dave’s to get his cat carriers. I thought the fresh air would do me good but obviously my stomach still isnt liking me.

So basically I’ve spent the last few days in a dehydrated haze not sleeping at night and trying my hardest to get some sort of sleep during the day whilst still managing to keep the kids out of vonnies hair so she can get her uni work done.

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