Happy Birthday to you tomorrow!

It’s my works 25th anniversary tomorrow or rather its the anniversary of the building being opened rather than 25 years of DFID (we’re only something like 9 years old but we’ve been going in one shape or form all this time).

I don’t know why but I just can’t work up any enthusiasm for the day. Theres stuff planned for throughout the day and the bars open at night for a disco and all I can think about is wether I’m gong to get all the payroll work done in time and wether I’ll actually be forced to go along to the presentations or wether I’ll be allowed to carry on working.

This is starting to worry me…I cant even get excited about a guarenteed skive!

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  1. Semprini [Visitor] says:

    If everyone else is busying themselves on silly frivolities, might they leave you alone to get some work done?

    Or will you be judged as the office killjoy?

  2. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    Its that 3 line whip nonsense….you WILL enjoy yourself.

    Won’t be judged a killjoy more a case of will I actually be allowed to do it :S

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