Been a so so weekend. Friday night was supposed to be spent going the Shawsy’s house warming and them trying to meetup with the guys in town for a trip to the Cathouse. Vonnie really wasn’t up to going out though and the night out with the guys fell through so we vegged instead and watched TV. Finn still wanted to go stay at Vonnie’s mums new house but it would have meant about 2 hours driving so we knocked that one on the head.

Saturday was another story however. Vonnie took the kids down to her mums and dropped Finn off at his dads before heading back home. She was quite late getting back so we rushed about a bit trying to get Nairn ready for staying at my parents that night whilst getting ready ourselves. Managed to make it in time to pick up Jo and her sister at the train station and made it down to Jen and Shugs for about half past 5. So we werent that late ;)

The night was due to start at 6pm with a drive into town in that big pink stretched hummer thats been going about recently. The problem was he couldnt get into the street so we had a wee walk to get to it but my god I want one. Maybe not in pink though. Jen in her fairy outfit sat front and centre whilst Shug in his pink panther outfit and myself took up the back seat. I think he was a little miffed he couldnt wind the window down while we were driving around glasgow though. :)

The party was good although the DJ did seem like a muppet at times with his musical choice but thems the breaks. Good company, good booze, good food and good fun was had. Decided to go to the cathouse but everyone buggered off in their cars and left me to walk round, thankfully Vonnie saved me half the journey though by giving me a lift round to the Crystal Palace. Walked up the queue and stood in it for a couple of minutes only to realise I was about halfway up Union Street and the folk I was due to meet probably werent there yet so I went for chips and cheese. Met Tony on the way back round but I’d already decided just to head home. Made it to the bus stop and bumped into Colin Arsecod so had a bit of banter with him on the bus home.

Sunday I spent in pain. My body just cant handle hangovers these days. Vonnie came home at lunchtime and we went and picked up Nairn. He’d been great that morning and until he started getting tired was great in the afternoon. I couldnt deal with his crying though as myhead was still throbbing. I guess babies and booze really dont mix after all. So I spent half the afternoon focussing on Nairn to keep him happy then when he eventually managed to get to sleep I collapsed on teh floor and read a bit of the Roman book WIllie had lent me. Grabbed Nairn and walked up to meet Vonnie at B&Q where we spent alot of money on heavy things and made it home in time to watch CSI in bed.

I really do need some uninerrupted sleep :(

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