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Been a wee while since my last update. This is purely down to a complete lack of time to do anything about it. At home I’m either busy or to tired to do anything so can’t do anything then and I’m unusually rushed of my feet at work so updates from there aint gonna happen very often anymore. Todays different though ;)

Well we had our christmas party for the Alt Nation kids at the house and we managed to do not to badly with it. I had to dress up as santa though which wasnt exactly a highpoint.

We had a wee problem with the cats picking up some hitchhikers but after a shedload of money spent at the vets on treatments and a visit from the bug man I think we’ve got them beat.

Got ourselves a new sofa as well. Well I say new but its really second hand as it was my brothers. He still had about half of it to pay off and wanted cash for it but my mum struck a deal with him about letting him live rent free for a few months so everyones happy. Helped him move the last few things from his flat as well and he’s now back with my parents until he can find a new place. Probably end up flatsharing with Drew in a few months.

Christmas is very slowly being organised but we’ve had that much on the last few weeks that fitting in shopping, wrapping and all the other general christmas stuff has been virtually impossible. Hopefully we’ll get everything finished today though.

Went to the docs the other day about a few things. Firstly I was going to see about getting fixed so there wont be any more wee Bob’s or little Vonnies running around after this one. They’ve chnaged how that all works from the last time I heard about it so waiting times are right down so I’ve to go back some time during the summer and talk about it again then. I’ve also been hit with another ear infection. Not much I can do about it though so just need to see it through. The other thing and the most annoying one at that was that my shoulders for the last few months have been fucked. Colin Arsecod reckons I’ve bruised my rotator cuff or some other fancy thing like that but my doc isn’t so sure. Anyway I’m being refered to the physiotherapist in the new year so hopefully they’ll sort it out. I feel like Gregory in Gregorys Girl. I can only lift my arms up so far before they lose all strength and if they go any further I’m in a great deal of pain :(

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