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So the kitchen bits arrived about 3 weeks ago and they’ve sat at teh eback of the living room since then. Last Saturday Vonnie’s dad came through to install the kitchen but thanks to the crap placement of our boiler our new larder was 20mm to short to clear the top of the vent so some discussion was had about how best to proceed and we decided to lift teh unit up on an mdf box. I had a few problems with this as it meant trying to find a double width plinth for the bottom from somewhere and I dont think they sold them ready made like that.

Anyway as every wall in the house seems to be made of brick we called it a day with Vonnies dad going to bring through a hammer drill which we badly needed for the brick walls and a bit for the drill to cut the correct sized hole for the vent on the Sunday. WE’d managed to rip out one side of the kitchen and build up the units to go back in but we never managed to install any of them properly as we had to work out what we were doing with the larder first.

Sunday was Vonnies Dads birthday though so justifiably he didnt come through and then thanks to the weather messing with the work on his site he wasnt able to come through at all during the week. When it gets that cold that cement freezes before it sets you know your in for a long night apparently. If I had the tools I’d have got stuck in myself on the Sunday but sadly I don’t.

So we’re currently sitting with half a kitchen , very little worktop space and the shelves for Nairns cupboard have been cut to size but not put installed. Well its a start at least :)

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