“It’s only a migraine so I should be back in tomorrow”

Those were my words to my boss on tuesday morning. I’d been up all night unable to sleep and the previous two days my eyes had been yellow and bloodshot so I thought a visit to the doctors was called for. Turns out I have a suspected kidney infection and because thats messing mwith my eyes they are really sensative and giving me migraines if I spend to long at the PC or in front of the TV. I cant even sit comfortably or without being in pain thanks to my kidneys either. I think the only time im comfortable is when im lying on my back or standing up and when im standing its only for the first few minutes until the pain kicks back in. Anyway I’m doped up on painkillers which has dulled it enough to deal with but my god its annoying. I cant sit at work and do anything and I cant relax at home either. In fact about the only thing I can do is lie down and read.

Add in to this Vonnies pelvis is really giving her problemsand Finn banging his head almost daily and the house is like doctors waiting room.

For the record its taken me almost a week to write up the previous entry and last night and this morning to do this one thanks to the sore back and fucked eyes :(

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