So thats a year gone by…

Nairn turned one on Monday. I’m struggling to believe that the last year has went in so fast. I still remember when he was tiny enough for him to fit on my forearm as if it was only last week.

Its amazing seeing him grow though. He’s went froma fairly helpless baby to a wee boy now. Where he used to babble on at random and hit his toys with an open hand in an effort to make it play a noise he is now adding words daily to his vocabulary, admittedly I dont know if he understands them yet but hes saying them, and now knows exactly how to make his toys work. Theres intelligence behind those eyes now that wasnt there a few short months ago.

We had family and god parents round on sunday for a wee party. I say party but although there was cake it wasnt until later after I’d made dinner for Shug, Jen, Mo, Kirsty and Barry that we broke out the jelly. Everyone was gone for 9pm except for Barry but he was away home not long after that. I’m still shattered after gutting the house that morning to get the place ready for it though.

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