I’ll have that! *points to menu*

Last night was good. We managed to get a babysitter (my mum) that would come up to the house to look after the kids while we went out and joined one of Vonnie’s friends and her husband for dinner. It was Maw Broon’s birthday yesterday so we ended up in Cafe Andaluz just off George Square for some tapas.

The meal/snack/whatever you class tapas was nice. Spicy prawn things and honey and mustard glazed chicken with cheesey potato gratin stuff was my choice and Vonnies spicy lamb meatballs really made me want a kebab. The desert though made me want to change my opinion on where to ge the best cheesecake in glasgow. That honour had always been taken by the 13th Note but last night it was kicked hard in the knackers. The honey and ginger flavour cheesecake was immense. The biscuit base seemed to be made with gingernut biscuits and the the honey flavoured cheese bit on top was great. All for only just over a tenner!

Getting home was another story though. We left about 10:45 to try and get home but as per usual the traffic was bad with folk trying to get on the motorway after gigs and shows at the concert all. The only problem with this was that the eastbound section of the motorway was completely closed without a contraflow or a detour signposted. We ended up having to drag our way through Dennistoun for about 40 minutes before getting to a point we could cut across and buy the Forge and get back on track. A 25 minute drive turned into something taking about an hour when we were both knackered and my mum was suposed to have been home before 11pm.

Still..it was a good night though.

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