Managed to make it round to Dave’s last night to see the guys for a bit and get some films in. I was able to get most of the cupboard doors up in the kitchen but I found out that they have gave us a door that’s the wrong size. Hopefully they’ll swap it over though.

Today has beena bit weird. Everyone seems to be winding down for one reason or another. Our accoutns department are shutting up our software so thatthey can process the end of year things they need to process and half the office is on a half day it seems. We’re also taking part in industrial action that means 90% of the buildings supposed to walk out ot 3.30pm today. We’ll see if that happens.

Thanks to a thread on AltNation I’ve been thinking about my time as a kid and what I’d got up to by the time I’d turned 5. It’s making me think that Finn leads a sheltered life but then again there isnt that kind of thing to do around here anymore.

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