Must not scratch

It’s a bad day when you’ve made sure your up, dressed, washed and generally looking as good as you’ll get that day and your partner says “You look like shit”.

Its true though and I feel it to. Last night was the first night I could have slept without being restless and having to force myself to get to sleep. The problem was Nairn had a cough and was really restless so kept banging his head off the bottom of his cot. That wouldnt be so bad but teh board is slightly loose so it sounds like a drum is being hit when he does it. Add in to that I was very aware of making sure I either slept on my back or my left hand side thanks to the tattoo. I’m feeling it just now but hopefully after a couple of bottles of water and some lunch I’ll perk up a bit.

The tattoo is looking good. I’d forgotten how itchy the bugger can be when healing though. Its only 17 hour old and already its starting to drive me nuts. Had a bit of a banter with Barry about the design for my other arm that I’ve been trying to tie down for ages with no success. He seems think he might have an idea but I’m years away from getting it done though so I wont be pushing him to hard for a design. Vonnie mentioned about getting my wrist tattoo done for my birthday so I’ll need to see about getting that design firmed up and getting a price for it. See wether its doable.

Also had a wee chat with Barry about by year in photos and after yesterdays debacle I will need to put more work into it. Firing off three randomly chosen shots at dusk in Paisley and hoping to get something wonderful really isnt how I want this to work out. The chat did give me an idea though for a monthly task to factor into it though. I’ll give it a go over the easter weekend and see how it works out before commiting myself to it though ;)

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  1. Vonnie [Member] says:

    I meant it as in you were tired looking, not dirty/smelly/unkempt! You just looked like you could have done with another 4 hours kip before work :(

  2. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    I know..i meant that id tried my best not to look tired and with bedhead :)

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