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So how was easter for everyone? I think I’ve been l;ucky this year and managed 1 egg and a bar of chocolate. Thats good going for me and considering I hate easter eggs with a passion* its a bit weird that im enjoying the chocolate :)

My backs been killing me these last few days and I’m not entirely sure why. I’ve got problems with my posture but the pains been lower down thats my usual ‘just below the shoulderblade’ pain I get. I wake up every morning almost crippled with it. It might be do to all the work im doing swapping the bedrooms over but I doubt it…I’m not working that hard. I think its more to do with our bed. We’ve long complained that our beds comfy for the first 5 minutes your on it then it kills you. So with teh rooms being swapped over this weekend we’ve been sleeping on the mattreses that normally make up the bottom part of our bed but without the frame ie on the living room floor. I’ve been sleeping really well on it but on waking up im a cripple. I seem to recall feelling like that whenever I slept in a new bed but can’t say for sure. In fact now that I think about it thats exactly how I’ve felt with every new bed I’ve slept in. And who says blogs don’t help you work things out :)

As for progress on the moves I can happily say that both the boys beds are set up in our old room and Vonnies spent today going through all the toys etc and working out whats staying and whats getting binned. I’ve entertained myself by finally clearing Finn’s old room, hoovering and shampooing the carpet and then getting the furniture in and rebuilding the bed. The rooms far smaller than our old room but somehow the furniture seems to fit better. I’ve no idea how that works though.

* Having a birthday at the end of March meant that when I was a kid and folk couldnt be bothered thinking of something nice to get me they just bought an egg. My brother usually ended up with about 4-5 eggs and I usually had about 12!

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