I hate buses

I waited this morning for the midwifes to call. I’d heard nothing during the night so at 8.30am I gave them a call to find out when the doctors would be doing thier rounds so I’d know when Vonnie might be getting out. I’m told 9am and then get a phonecall at 10.30 saying that VOnnie might get out later today and to bring in shampoo and stuff. It was until I got there that I found out Vonnie had been trying to call me since 8.30 :(

Anyway I grabbed all the ethings together we needed for the day and phoned the travel centre to find out the route to get to Wishaw. I was kindly told that I’d need to get a 201 into motherwell and then change there onto a 240 or something. Had to go to the town centre to get disposable nappies for Nairn so bought an all day ticket and promptly managed to forget where I had to get off the 201 and what bus to get at that point. Jumped back into the travel centre only to find out an express bus leaves every hour and to get the First Bus buses that I was trying to get would take about 2 hours thanks to roadworks. I ended up jumping on some wee white bus into hamilton and then the 253 from Hamilton out to the hospital. Still took 2 hours but that was becuase the buses were delayed rather than actually being in the buses for those 2 hours. I then got the X21 express back from the hospital to virtually outside my fucking front door at the end of the day! All in I spent about 8 quid on damn bus fairs!

For those interested though Vonnies back out the hospital but shes still getting the contractions so we’ll need to see where they go from here. :S

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