Fingers numb…losing sensation in my brain…

So I wanted to talk about something interesting for once rather than boring all you valued readers with my life. And guess what? All the great ideas I had over the weekend but didnt have the energy to write about have flew out the window to be long forgotten so you’ll just have to put up with this instead.

My photoblog idea is coming along but I am really struggling to get a photo from each day. Becuase of my limited time at the moment to do anything but work, cook, clean and sleep fitting in some photography that doesn’t take in one of these subjects is getting increasingly hard. I can’t take photos at work becuase of the nature of my work, cleaning is boring and sleep is … well sleep is when I’m sleeping so if I’m taking photos something is wrong. The ‘excitement’ over the last week has seen a few more opportunities crop up for photos but again being in a hospital room or on a bus only gets you maybe one or two photos that dont start to bore folk :)

I found something the other night that basically gave 30 challenges to would be photgraphers to fire through so I think I’ll use that for some inspiration over the coming months.

In other news I’ve reviewed another album for Alternative Nation, Loney, Noir by Loney, Dear. He’s playing at The Admiral tonight if anyone fancies it. I was supposed togo and review the gig but even if Vonnie was well I don’t think I’ve got the energy for it. Might be getting a wee interview type thing done with the guy though if I can come up with any decent questions to go with. Hopefully aget a few more of these done over the coming months.

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