Rinse and Repeat

Today I went out to try and recreate a picture I took 2 years ago. I took it with my old digitial compact which took some amazing pictures but since I’ve started using the 300D I’ve had great problems learning how my old camera actually worked.

I’ve tried several times to get that picture again and each and every time I’ve failed in one way or another. Becuase I’m taking the picture vertically I seem to havea problem getting the shot in focus. Add in to that the sky is very bright and I get the exposure completely wrong. Messing about with the aperture settings have also borne no fruit as when I get it right I mess up something else.

I think I may have cracked it today but until I get it home I’m not so sure. The photos are not going to be good but I think I got the picture taken the way I wanted to. After having a quick look through the LCD display on the camera I know there are twigs and branches in all the wrong places but its only the start of the season and very few trees had suitable foliage so heres hoping I’ll get some good shots with the Canon this year.

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