Quick rundown of the days events.

Way to tired to go into to much detail but here goes.

Left the hospital last night at 8pm with Vonnies mum as it was the only way I was getting home. Vonnies last words to me almost were ‘I think your going to get home and get a phone call to turn back around again.’

Didnt quite happen like that though. The phonecall came at 3am. Couldnt wake up my uncle so managed to get Vonnie’s dad to wake up and give me a lift through. Much credit goes to him for this as getting directions from myself in my half awake state couldnt have been fun.

Got there for 4am and Vonnie was in the bath having contractions with her waters haven broken several hours beforehand. Managed to get her round to the pool where we were told she’d probably have about an hour to go at least. So I settle down and go and get my camera from the room down the hall. Then I hear a yell for help and when I get back the midwives are running about. Vonnie had went from 6-7cm dilated to having Erica’s head popping out in the space of about 4 minutes. I almost missed it. Ditched the camera bag and helped her out. It seems water births agree with Vonnie and in two pushes and comparibly little pain Erica was out. At 5.07am she appeared in the pool and about 40 minutes later we found out she was roughly 7lb3-4oz.

Needless to say the rest of the day was spent with very little sleep and herculian attempts to get out the hospital. We were home for 4.30pm though ;)

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  1. Montreal Mama [Visitor] says:

    Congratulations, Bob!

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