‘Lets run a sweepstake on who can shoot Orev first’

Managed to get a much need game of airsoft in today. Headed out to Drymen for Steve’s annual birthday game but thanks to jittery horses we wont be back at the site again. Not sure if the woman woke up on the wrong side of the bed but she wa taking random potshots at folk as she came to talk to steve and from what I heard was on the offensive from the off with the guys she was accusing of shooting thier AEGs near the horses which they weren’t.

Anyway the morning wasn’t to bad even though the red team was overrunning the blues again this year at every turn. We tried to even the teams out a bit with us moving over but the games run afterwards werent really suited to have the less experienced team defending and despite the obectives appearing to be close by I broke a sweat walking between them so god knows how the attackers would have felt if theyd had to run backwards and forwards between them constantly for the 25 minutes they had. As someone pointed out withthe site being so open you don’t quite realise just how big the gaming area is as we’d never use something as big as that on the shots site for such a short game. The last game in the scrap yard wasn’t that great but I did manage a decent round when Willie was attacking us. Hid in the hopper for about 10 minutes before popping up when the attackers got just about level. Think I manged about 7 kills before I was properly spotted and got Orev twice before he realised :D

Afterwards it was home to watch Eurovision. Or rather it was home for me to cook throughout most of Eurovision. Don;’t think I managed to see one whole song but then again I think I did well with this! good to see everyone round though and I’m shocked they made it into the room to be honest.

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  1. Mark [Visitor] says:

    You might have got orev twice but I got him once …

    from miles away …
    in the head …
    while he was on my team


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