Where’d the day go?

Managed to get another coat of paint on the walls in Erica’s room but it’s still really patchy and I’m running out of paint! Hopefully the last of it will fix it tomorrow morning then tomorrow afternoon I can get the wall masked off and put the pink up as well then get the roof done. Shouldn’t need anywhere near as many coats for them though. Hopefully …

It was Lizzie’s birthday today so we dragged ourselves down to Ruth’s flat for a picnic indoors. You can tell that was planned when the forecast for today was rain. Just wish I could have enjoyed the sun a bit better though :)

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  1. Lizzie [Visitor] says:

    Sorry I stole your sun :(

  2. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    Dont be silly. I meant that before and after the party I was stuck inside :)

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