So those of you that have actually been following my photo a day blog will know that since the beginning of May I havent uploaded any new pics. I was getting really worked up about this at one point but then I remembered I had far more important things to be getting on with like have a daughter :)

Anyway from now one the thought is going to be there but if I miss a weeks worth of pics so be it. I’d rather be happy doing it than stressing out when I miss a day.

I spent today gardening. I never got the chance to finish off the painting so I’ll be getting stuck into that over the next few nights I think. Managed to tame the jungle that was the side lawn as well as the front/back gardens and the hedge. All in a good days work I feel. Nairn also managed to go for a wander in the back garden which entailed him emptying all the water out of the full unused plantpots after splashing his hands in them and them digging up the strawberry plants with his fingers. He had a whale of a time. Stuck him in the bath only for his to make his own floating armada of shit when I had my back turned.

Went to Findlay’s parents evening tonight and he’s coming on very well since his last parents night. Seems to be a bit of a maths wizard so we’ll see how he does over the next few years :)

And for some reason I was singing this song all day. I’d never heard the original until a few years ago. Must be about 15 years old this version!

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