Early Start

I had every intention of getting up early and getting to work for 7/7.30am this morning. Findlay is off school and as long as Nairn slept through I’d be up at 6am and on my way soon after.

Someone how though I managed to sit down for 5 minutes with my breakfast in front of the PC at 6.15am and then stand up at 7.15am! If folk werent still in bed I’d have been shouting and swearing rather loudly.

Still got in early enough that if I finish at my normal timeI’ll have made back an hour on my flexi so it’s not all lost I suppose.

I just hope Vonnie manages to take it easy today as last night was yet another where she never really got much sleep thanks to Erica crying/feeding/being grumpy. I managed to get her to calm down for about an hour but that was it. :(

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