Rundown of the weekend.

I can’t honestly remember what I did on friday night. I think I may have been in bed by 9pm though.

Saturday involved the tidying of the house in preperation for folk coming round to burn things. The rain kept coming and going and just as it brightened up bloody hailstones started falling. It cleared up eventually and folk came round and we consumed some amount of meat. We did kill the first attempted BBQ by smothering it by accident but Barry’s advice of “just pile another bag of charcoal on top” seemed to do the trick.

I think everyone was gone by 10pm which was just as well as I think I collapsed asleep at 10:01pm.

Sunday I sat with the full intention of doing something but I was in that limboland of being awake enough to not be asleep but that was about it. I think we just piled through West Wing episodes all day to be honest.

Yesterday I got around to painting the pink bits in Erica’s room. Two coats and its still patchy so I’ll give it another go over tonight. I have to say though that paint thats got the lifetime guarentee thats tuff enough that kids wont destroy it is a bugger to get off your hands once its dry. I spent this mornings bus journey getting funny looks as I tried to scrape rasberry pink from my nails…

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