Long Way Down

Anyone ever watch Long Way Round? Ever wish you could go on a once in a lifetime journey like that? Well Ewan and Charlie are doing it again but instead they are going from John O’Groats to the southern tip of Africa. I think they just made Tunisia yesterday so theyve been on the road for about a week so far.

Once again they are doing the riding with Claudio the cameraman and the support team in tow and trying to raise awareness of the problems on route by supporting the UNICEF projects they visit. The thing I loved about the original was they were going to places I’d longed to visit but had never really seen on TV. Places such as Mongolia as a whole or Magadan have always been in my top 5 places to see and I think this was where my enjoyment of the program differend from alot of peoples. I just watched it for the places they visited, nothing at all to do with Ewan or the bikes. Now with them heading through Africa I’m curious to see the route they will be going and whats in store for them.

Apparently this one started being planned as they rode into New York at the end of their previous 3 month trip around the world but with all the troubles and hard terrain they encountered in Asia I was never sure Ewan would be up for it. Charlie got some practice is when he did the Paris – Dakar rally in 2006 but I think the other two riders may struggle.

Anyway the website is up now and you can follow them on thier journey by checking out their travel log and film thats being uploaded every few days to the BBC website. Should hopefully be on the BBC in September I think.

Now I think they are cheating with this pic. Thats taken at the start of Glen Coe at the Kings House Hotel looking up at Buachaille Etive Mor. Now as I understand it they went down the east coast so they could pop in on Ewans parents in Fife. So why tease us with the carrot of them driving down Glen Coe? :(

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  1. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    oops forgot to shrink the pic. I’ll fix that tonight :S

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