These last few nights have been a killer. Erica just doesn’t want to sleep at night and shes puking everywhere after feeds now almost as bad as Nairn was.

Last night she woke up at something like half one for a feed and by the back of 2am Vonnie asked me to take her as she’d fed but wouldnt settle. The wee bugger was wide awake and relatively quiet but if you put her down in the moses basket shes start screaming. I think I managed until about half past four when I dragged her back upstairs and managed to get Vonnie to feed her again and this time she conked out. I was due to get up at 6.30am :(

In other news we’re in a parenting magazine this month. All to do with step-parents but I wont tell you which one. You’ll have to figure that one out yourselves. Got a picture of us and everything!

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