Theres a huge bit of land behind my work that used to be just a dumping ground and a field. The train tracks run right through the middle of it and over the last year or so they’ve been eating away at it. Lidl’s was built on one side of it and for a long time before that there was rumours of a large hotel chain thinking about building a new hotel as well. A fair wee while ago now Hamilton Accies we’re looking at the other sie of the tracks to build their new stadium but it turned out the ground was to boggy for them.

Now we’ve got a pub being built and what I’m told is a travel inn type hotel. I can understand the need for the hotel but I’me curious about the pub. The nearest one is only a 5 minute walk away.

The thing that gets me is that the area they are digging up was a nice bit of ground where folk went for walks with their dog and the land on the other side of the tracks juts against the nature area I usually go to take photos in. Anything they build on that side (and they are looking for investors) is going to have a serious impact on that area.

I think it’s a case of grumpy Bob not liking change to be honest.

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