Last night was a tough one. We’d sat up and watched Die Hard 2 in bed and then managed to drop off by about midnight. Her royal highness woke up around 2am and after having a bottle of her mothers finest refused to settle back down. I eventually managed to get her to settle down by about half past 4 but only by bringing her into bed and cudling her into me. Its the only way I could lie her down without her waking up. I then couldnt sleep because she was so close to me. I remember seeing the clock tick over to 6am and my alarm going off and then I blinked and it was 6:45am. So much for getting up and out to work for 7am!

I’ve sat here almost in a daze all day barely beiong able to concentrate on work but this last hour has been hell. The temperature in the office is about 26oC and the breeze is almost as warm so theres no way to cool down. Yes I know thats not really that hot but when your this tired it feels like im constantly surled up inside a duvet and my head feels like its surrounded by fluffy pillows. My answer to all of this however is lots of water and going and washing my face with cold water every 20 mins. Seems to be working so far but oh how I long for my bed!

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