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We had the house in an alright state at the tail end of last week and with all the rushing about and the eventual canceling of trip to Anstruther its ended up being worse than it was to start with. The good thing is that the bedrooms are sorted out furniture-wise so its just a case of sorting out the clothes and making sure the toys are put away in the right places in the boys room. Talking about the boys room Nairn is loving the extra freedom he has now we’ve got a gate over their bedroom door. The only problem is leave him there for 10 minutes to his own devices and its like Godzilla just waded though Tokyo. Its a never ending mess. Even if we tidy it once Nairn’s in bed asleep by the time we wake up in the morning or we realise he is awake the bedroom’s in that same state again.

On Monday we headed down to the Clyde Valley for a drive with the hope of getting a few photo’s and some icecream at the end of the drive. We ended up in Valley International park which seemed to be half shut for some reason. It was really quiet despite being in the middle of the fair fortnight and the birds of prey area was shut. Vonnie found a lab breeder selling puppies and has upped her attempts to talk me round. We did manage to go on the narrow-guage train however.

Yesterday was a trip to Edinburgh Zoo. It didn’t start to well when we were delayed in getting out the front door and forgot a few things. With Erica’s constant crying, Nairn’s constant desire to explore and Findlay’s never ending energy and bouncyness wits ends were reached before we got passed the entrance. Eventually we all calmed down though so we managed to make it around the zoo before heading home completely knackered. I really want to go back once I get a decent long lens for the camera and hopefully once the babies are a bit older and are not quite a handful as they are at the moment. Managed to get a couple od decent pics though :)

Today we done some financial dealings with the bank and I went to work in my back garden with a mattock. I demolished about 6 trees but the last one before I get to the huge flower bushes is going to be the one that determines wether I’m a man or a boy. The roots on it are huge and theres thousands of them!

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    And yes I know the pics are cut but hopefully my new template for WP will fit them in perfectly :)

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