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I have to say I’ve been really stressing about this bathroom of ours. I’ve never been confidant with my DIY skills after I chucked craft and design in 2nd year at school. I know the basics but my attention to detail always seemed to let me down in the past. I managed to shelve the cupboards from scratch in the old flat and in both the kids bedrooms in the house. The ones in the flat we’re attrocious but I’ve learned on each one and I think now I’ve got them down pretty well. When it came to the kitchen I was terrified I’d get something major wrong. Give me a flatpack and I’ll throw it together no problem but ask me to cut worktops or do some plumbing and I’ll tell you to go jump! If I Get someone else to do it I’ve got someone else to blame if it goes wrong.

So I started the tiling of the bathrom with a little help from Vonnie’s dad to get us started and I’d get stressed by the slightest imperfection that I couldnt fix. Walls not running straight or bumps that we hadnt seen before cropped up all the time. Now the tiles are up though and I’e started grouting them its actually looking not to bad. White tiles and white grout mean you dont see most of the dodgy bits at first glance. I’m actually feeling good about it which is a first.

Now I just need to rebuild the shelf at the bottom of the bath so that can be tiled and then build a new pipechase for the kitchen and we can get to work decorating in there as well.

I hate DIY as well.





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