At Last!

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I’ve managed it again! Well sort of.

Ages ago before I got the laptop in work I’d manged to find ways around the admin restrictions that were stopping me from installing software onto the PC. I had photoshop demos and various games on the go at one point but when changing over to the laptop the security increased tenfold. All my old tricks refused to work. They’d managed to stop my trick of pinning things to the start menu from bypassing the lock on running exe files as well as stopping winzip and winrar from doing the same.

I have however found a way around most of these! Over the last week I’ve realised that if I explore a zip file using windows rather than than winzip/winrar it will let me run an exe file. I was still having problems running the installed software though as that exe would be getting blocked. Thankfully though the temp folder seems to be clear from these restrictions and I’ve finally managed to get portableapps up and running on this laptop. What is even better is that whilst the old version of firefox that I managed to install on the desktop couldnt detect the correct proxy to get access to the net this version can and has. Now I just need to find a way to get around the restrictions on installing the Java VM that I need to see our intranet page on firefox. I believe I’ve also got filezilla working as well which is a first!





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