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So far I’m impressed and stressed by WordPress. It makes some things really easy to do but at the same time the basic install is so bloody confusing if you want to start customising the templates. I can either hard code it all, which I dont have a problem with, but it makes updating a bugger as you’d need to go through all the pages and update tham manually as well or you can use the widgets. I thought the widgets were great until I realised my theme wasn’t widget friendly out the box. It took 2 seconds to fix in the end but it caused “me no end of hassle to begin with. Add to that the fact that once you start using widgets you cant easily hardcode anything in to the sidebars as they are now dynamic and created on the fly by the software. After installing about 10 plugins and widgets though I managed to get all bar one thing working. I couldnt get the my pixelpost RSS feed to display the latest pic on the sidebar. There is only one plugin I can find that works properly with WordPress and Pixelpost and you need to hardcode that in as its not widget friendly. Eventually managed to track down a widget that would let php run through it and it now works but thats taken me 3 days to do something that simple.

Anyway, on to how far I’ve got. The template has taken me forever thanks to my inability to understand CSS unless its only 5 lines long. I’ve got to neaten up the post box and increase the width of the side bar which is easy enough if a little time consuming as I need to eit the images again. I need to get a decent header and I’m afraid my ol one just doesnt fit. Its too tall and I cant find anyway to fit it in whilst retaining the impact the old one did. I guess I’ll be going hunting photo in my collection or looking for a new one that would work.

Function over form is my motto. As long as it works I dont care how it looks at first ':)'

And on that note I REALLY should be getting back to work …





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