“I don’t like it when your grumpy”

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I cant get to my PC at home at the moment. This is because in a fit of rage the other day after hitting the bookshelf beside the livingroom door Vonnie decided to rearrange everything. She pretty much had most of the books sorted out and 2 of the bookshelves moved by the time I got home form work on Tuesday night. We would probably have got them moved over that night if it wasn’t for the fact we had 9 kids in our front room watching the first Harry Potter film!

Yesterday I woke up at 6am almost in tears from tiredness apparently and I managed to get a half day annual leave and a half day home working whih covered all the bases and helped us out dramatically. Got a good attempt at work going in the morning but my age old problem of being kicked off the network happened and from then on I struggled to get any real work done. This did mean that we managed to get the other bookshelf moved and the couch birled around and moved as well. Just need to clear all the rubbish out the way and swap over the computer desk and the playpen and we should be laughing. Then we can get stuck into stripping the wallpaper and getting the place decorated.

I’m really looking foward to my bed tonight it has to be said.





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