A binbag, a twig and a ball of string. Eavwolah a Tent!

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I woke up this morning convinced I’d slept for about half an hour. At 5am Vonnie nudged me saying she thought Erica was looking for a feed and I was convinced I’d only just fed her. Well I had just fed her… just a wee 3 hours previously. Then my alarm went of 2 minutes later at 6am. I got out of bed eventually and I don’t think my brain actually kicked into gear until I’d got 20 minutes into Mountain which I was watching on Catchup TV when I realised I was supposed to be getting up and out to work early. Made it in just after 8am mind so thats not to bad.

I’ve got two consecutive weekends of camping coming up. One with the family and one with my mates. I’m looking forward to both in equal measures but looking at the weather forecast for this coming weekend is worrying me. Light rain and cloud I can handle. In fact some might say with a bit of a breeze thats almost ideal camping weather as it’ll keep the midges away and keep the tent cool but its the heavy rain on either side that worries me. On a five day forecast the weather squeezes up more often that not so that one dry day you think you might get ends up as a cloudy afternoon sandwiched between torrential rain. On a 10 day forecast that thats worse! With the guys camping trip the weathers not really going to be that much of a problem. We’ll either be to drunk to notice the weather or beside a huge fire which will dry us out quicker than we can get wet or better yet we’ll be in pub. This weekend though we’ll have the kids and whilst I don’t think they’d mind to much I can’t see us keeping Nairn and Findlay occupied long enough to stop them either wanting to go home or destroying the tent from the inside.

Looking forward to it all though ':)'





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