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So I’ve had time to recover from saturday night.

I don’t think many things are going right for me these day with regards to public transport. Any bus that would take me exactly where I want to go either just doesnt turn up for 40 minutes like on saturday night or breaks down half wat to its estination like this morning when I tried to get to work. Anyway I made it to Willie’s before they headed out and a few drinks were had. Headed into OHenrys and bumped into Davina and co. I didnt realise Kenny had one of his gig’s on downstairs though and Ruth and Lizzie were down there, I did bumped into Tam outside though.

I’ve came to the conclusion that whilst hangovers are bad its the dancing that kills me. We spent most of the time on the dancefloor or hitting the punchbag and today my body feels as though I’m about to seize up. I did manage 818 on the punchbag machine with the machines record for the night being 826 so I felt I did not to badly considering I haven’t really thrown a punch in about 15 years.

After about 3 hours sleep I managed to last the day yesterday but it was a complete waste. I think the only productive thing I did was to make my sausage and pasta bake but could feed an army. I managed to forget a portion of leftovers that I was supposed to bring to work today so colour me not pleased.

To say this weekend hasn’t been productive for our household would actually be wrong. I’ve came up with a couple of ideas that might eventually make some cash but I’m more interested in them actually working out and Vonnie has s few ideas for making money as well. Her ideas actually sound plausible though where as mine might just be a flight of fancy.





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