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Well that was a hellish night. Erica refused her babyrice last night which was fair enough but she hadn’t been feeding that well all day. In fact I think she had three feeds in total which is almost half what she usually gets I think. She woke up at 4am and just would not calm down until she was fed which isnt like her. I ended up giving up on the 6am alarm call as I just couldnt get back to sleep after that. So now I’m sitting at my desk trying to work out how I can get out of staying in the office until after 5pm.

The weekend was surprisingly good and relaxing. I really wasnt expecting that considering what we actually got done. Barry, Kirsty and Mo came over along with Devin and Brodie for Dinner on saturday which meant that the livingroom, that we had tried to gut unsuccesfully 3 weeks ago, had to be done. Anyway its 1000% better than it was and we all managed to sit down and relax for the evening. I made a green curry for dinner but it was missing some chillies which I’d forgot to add to the shopping list.

Yesterday I cracked and decided to have a go at trimming the hedge we were going to rip up this weekend.Our neighbour had a sly did at Vonnie the other day asking when we were going to cut it as it was almost reaching her bedroom window. Now forgive me but just because you put a fence up on your side of the hedge does not mean your not responsible for the hedge behind it. If they’d dug up thier half of the hedge I could see their point but they didnt. THe reason the hedge is that tall is because I physically can’t reach that far over the hedge withthe trimmers to cut it. Anyway I tried to trimming it yesterday and the battery ran out on the trimmer. I’d only managed to cut about 4 square feet of hedge! So I charged it all afternoon and tried again and did the same. I get the feeling its a trickle charger I was using ';)'

Nairn has a new word that he’s using all the time now. It’s not really a new word but more like his favourite word. Anytime he sees something new or something he likes all he’ll say is “Wooooow” as if everything he’s seeing is for the first time and its amazing him. It’s funny as hell ':)'





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