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I appear to have lost the charger for the hedge trimmers. The one I have been using is apparently the charger for my drill which, while some charge gets in, just doesnt do the job at all. It charged for a good 24 hours from sunday night until last night and it managed a grand total of 30 seconds trimming. I reckon I’ll need to go hunting throughthe house tonight for the correct charger if I’m to get this done for the weekend.

In other news apart from waking at 2am because she had a wet nappy that we forgot to change before she went to sleep Erica made it through until 7.30am today. It seems my hopes last week of her turning over a new leaf may be coming to fruition.

The bad news is though that when I got up at 2am with her my knee was stiff as hell but didn’t really think anything off it. Then when I got up this morning every joint on my righthand side is stiff and sore. There isnt really any strength in them at all either. I’m limping when I walk but not in pain. It’s mostly becuase I can’t trust my knee not to give out. I’m also having a pit of trouble holding a pen just now at work. It seems to be getting better as the day goes on but its a bit freaky :S





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