Wishfull thinking

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I’m really starting to get worked up abou tthis camping weekend and it’s not even the camping bit that im most looking forward to which is weird. Hopefully we’ll be going up a hill or two over the weekend and thats the bit thats putting a smile on my face. The problem is I’m getting carried away with it all. We’re currently planning on going up Sgorr na Ciche (or Pap of Glencoe to most folk) on the saturday which should be a relatively easy walk. I say relatively easy as some of the other walks I’m looking at pushing it a bit. Of the four folk going up only one has done any serious hill waking in recent years and it aint me. I went up Ben Nevis a few years ago after a long break and it hurt and the other two have never really much if any hill walking throughout their years. So when I’m looking at the map and thinking “Sgorr nam Fiannaidh is right next to that, we could just plow on past the Pap and have a shot at that as well”, I’m completely forgetting that Sgorr nam Fainnaidh is the western end of the Aonach Eagach ridge which whilst if we stopped there we could probably do the rest would just be a death trap to us at this time. I would love to do the ridge walk though at some future date.

Willie also brought up the possibility of going up Buachaille Etive Mor which I knocked back because of the travel times etc on the friday. But the more I look at it it’s easily doable as the walk up Stob Dearg is only about 4 miles long there and back and although it looks hard I’m reliably informed apart from a few scrabbles going ups easy and with care so is coming back down. I’m just having trouble working out how we’re going to be feeling on saturday morning after doing that and sleeping at the lochside only to have to then go up the Pap.

I’d love to do Ben Nevis on the sunday as well but with a 6-7 hour climb in good weather on the cards I’m not entirely sure how doable that would be after 1-2 hills the days before.

I hope this is a start of things to come as I really want to get back out on the hills after all these years of sitting about just looking at them.





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