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Last night I fixed the bath seal. I did alot of other things but the one that took up most of my time was the bath seal.

Ever since we had the shower installed theres been a leak under the bath which runs down the wall right where the pipes for the shower go and its worried me. On several occasions I’ve ripped the splash guard off and tried to find a hole in the seal around the with no success. Last night I was going to find out what the hell was up and hopefully get the bath panel fitted back on.

I got home and the bath was full so I emptied it and got to work. The splashguard came off and yet again I poured jugs of water down the tiles to see where it would go. Not a single drop went behind the bath. So I ran the shower hoping upon hope that it wouldnt be a leak in teh pipes. Again nothing. This is where I got my CSI hat on. It only leaked when we were having a shower but the pipes werent leaking by themselves and water poured down the tiles wasn’t going anywhere either. So I replicated taking a shower. I stood in the bath and what did I see before I even turned on the water? Thats right, 4 gaping wounds in the seal. It was just at that point that I remembered that I had the same problem in the old flat and the plumber said that whenever you seal a bath fill it up as much as you can with water. That way the bath sinks so you can get sealant in which will compress fine when the bath is empty. But if you seal it when the bath is empty the sealants to thin and rips when pulled apart.

So 2 hours later it was resealed and the panel put back on. This also means the bathroom, landing and the top of the stairs is also that bit tidier as well. The work we’ve done over the last week has made the house seem so much bigger. Hopefully once the camping stuff moes from teh front door the hall will feel the same as most of the rest of the house again as well ':)'





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