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So much to do. So little time.

I’ve spent the last few days recovering from being ill and although theres lots of things I’ve wanted to get done around the house I’ve had neither the energy or the drive. Now I’ve got the drive I’m struggling to find the energy but I will get it.

Plans for today include drying out my tent from last weekend and hopefully not having to deal with any mould. I also intend on getting the kitchen sorted out a bit so that by tomorrow at least I can have the big cupboard shelved and most of the appliances put away and the backdoor cleared (again).

Well the weathers looking not to bad and both the babies have been great this morning once I found out what would keep them happy. Erica’s bouning around in her bouncy door frame bouncer thingie and and Nairn’s watching a bit of TV with a drink before I take him upstairs to play so that I can get stuck in to the kitchen.





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