Money Worries

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With the wedding coming so close after christmas we were always panicking about how on earth we were going to afford it. We got some good news today which means most of our problems should work out ok now.

It’s not like us to do anything the right way round is it? We’re (that should read Vonnie is) already planning it out and arranging things and I haven’t even formally proposed yet. I suppose you could look at it this way, at least I won;t worry as much about Vonnie saying no once we’re several grand down the line. But the again she’s quite good with her revenges so this one could be the ultimate setup :S

I’m determined to do one thing out of the relationship right and thats propose before we get married but I’m only doing it once the divorce comes through. It’s being processed right now so hold your breaths. Actually don’t hold your breaths as it won’t be tonight and I don’t want the police at my door asking me why all my friends were found dead with blue faces…





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