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I’ve been ill. And we still don’t know whats causing it. THe tests came back clear which is slightly more worrying than them coming back with something as it means I still don’t know what the hells up with me. It took me 4 days to get through to get my results and so far its took 2 days to get through to make an appointment to get looked at again.

We got lucky with the tax credits last week and got some arrears paid to us so I was allowed to treat myself and get some clothes and a new lens for the camera. It’s not the best lens on the market but its the best I could afford and to be honest I’m getting better quality pics from it than from my kit lens so as far as I’m concerned its money well spent ':)'

It was a busy weekend just passed with trips to Ikea and Braehead taking place and Vonnie visiting her Nana whos just out of hospital. We’ve got almost all we need to finish off the bathroom so all I’m looking for now is some sheets of hardboard and a medicine cabinet and we’re laughing. We’ve also started planning our bedroom and I’ve taken a look at making some built in shelves/cupboards for the boys room and the livingroom.

This weekend is Vonnie’s friend Emma’s birthday and she’s coming down from Aberdeen and although the original plan was to go out and get drunk I think thats changed to coming over to our house and getting drunk instead. I’m not sure wether I’ve to find something to do that night or wether to stay at home :S

We seem to be spending inordinate amounts of time at A&E these days with the kids. I jokingly said we should get a season pass last night. Findlay fell over the other day at school and banged his head yet again but this time he had to go get it checked out and has been off school for the best part of the week with a nasty concussion. When told that Finn had only spent 2 hours at school on the day int happened his friend declared, “Thats not fair, I want to get concussion as well!”

Then we come to Nairn. The boy who feels no pain. He’s constantly falling off things and just falling over things in general but these last few weeks he’s been managing to find things slightly higher than normal to fall off of or harder things to fall over and onto. I think in the last 2 weeks hes bit his tongue or cheek hard enough for it to bleed about 4-5 times. Last night was no different except after he had his icepole to stop him crying and a wee dose of calpol for the pain he just wanted to sit with Vonnie and cuddle in. Thats really not like him and after a couple of hours he eventually opened his mouth and Vonnie caught sight of the rip in his tongue so we were straight back to A&E. He’s fine though and no stitches were needed but he really needs to start being more careful ':)'





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