Food, Glorious Food!

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So this weekend I cooked. And I cooked. And I cooked.

I enjoyed it though which I knew I would but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do it stress free. Getting the timings right for 2/3 course meal just does my head in. When I make christmas dinner you can guarentee that half of it is going to be cold and the other half scaldingly hot.

Anyway on saturday night Vonnie had the girls round for Emma’s birthday and I offered to cook dinner for them to give me something to do. I made carrot soup to Vonnies recipe and some mexican folding thing with a cheese/potato/spring onion filling with side salad followed by some kind of creme caramel tart thingie that didnt work out that well as it should really sit overnight so the caramel liquifies. Everyone seemed to love it though so its all good. We had loads of the filling left for the main course so I’ll need to rejig the amounts next time I make it.

Sunday seen Vonnie’s friends that she’d refound after several years on facebook over for dinner. Chicken risotto followed by chocolate mousse cake was the order of the day this time and again everyone liked it. ':)'

Yesterday we decided to finish off the filling and have the mexican thingies again for dinner but niether of the shops at the square sell tortillas. Cue me learning how to make them from scratch. Considering how easy they are to make I’m always terrified when making bread of any type as I’ve never been a good one for making a good dough. They turned out great though and I think I’ll be making them again next time I make fajitas ':)'

Recipes for the things I havent made before will follow. I know you guys couldnt care less how to make these things but it makes life far easier for myself keeping them all in one place rather than having to dig through loads of cookery books anytime I want to make something to try and find the recipe ':)'





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