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Yesterday in work was hell but I wont go into it. Suffice it to say I got a migraine by 10am and I’d ran out of painkillers by 10:01am.

Left work at the back of four and headed out with Vonnie and the kids for a drive. We were supposed to head out to a place near Stewarton and Vonnie had got the directions from the AA routefinder. We hit Stewarton and one of the next instructiosn was “Entering Kilmarnock” so when sitting at a junction that had no street names or road signs worth anything we followed the sign for Kilmarnock. We ended up in the arse end of nowhere. And the worst of it is that were we had stopped at that junction was literally a 5 minutes drive from where we were going.

I then proceeeded to get us lost as I wanted to come back over the moors road from the Fenwick Hotel but coul we find the bloody thing from the M77. Eventually we did find it though and made it back to EK in time to pick up some nappies for Nairn and to head down to Cambuslang to go for dinner at Fratelli’s. As always the food is amazing and the service was great. It seems Erica is following in Nairns footsteps and can make friends with almost anyone! It was a late night getting back home but it was worth it ':)'





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