The Uncertainty Factor

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And so the countdown begins. About 2 months ago we had the dealing for reapplying for our jobs. Its being done in such a way that we’re not actually reapplying for our current jobs though. Thanks to the governments drive for efficiency and reducing headcounts rather than cost our working numbers will have been reduced by at least 30% by the end of March. I say at least because although the figure was supposed to be something like exactly 30% this only applied to the service depts and whilst most of my dept is exactly that some of it isnt so we have to take the 30% of the total jobs over the dept away from teh service side of things. Great fun so it is.

Anyway they’ve changed things up a fair bit with regards toteh structure and the basic building blocks of the jobs so although some people may be able to apply for their old job almost all of us won’t be able to as the job is getting split up and either spread over several positions or devolved to the line managers or the HR managers in the country offices. All in all it makes our life easier in the long run but until the 10th we’re sitting worrying our little heads off.

We were all allowed to express interest in the jobs we wanted and to exclude any that we didnt want. This along with our team leaders comments went in to a big pot and the heads of the dept have basically sat with what for all accounts and purposes is a huge jigsaw puzzle and tried to fit us in whilst taking into account our preferences and corporate need.I don;t know of anyone that holds out any hop whatsoever of getting the jobs they want but hey ho. And its not as if we can all be guraenteed of a perminant posting in the dept either as depending on how the promotion boards go there could be a handful of people at my grade left without a perminant post in HR. Whilst that doenst mean we won’t have a job it does mean we won’t have a stable job for a good whjle. We’d be put into temp places to cover for people on holiday or on temp promotion etc until such times as either they come back or we manage to find a job elsewhere within DFID. That doesnt sound that bad actually if you wanted out of HR but if you take into account a vast majority of the jobs in my work are service related you’ll realise that most of my office is going to be inthe same boat so for a while at least there arent going to be any decent perm jobs kicking about.

Ach at the end of the day though I’ll still be getting paid so I can’t complain and if anything we’ve been overloaded with information about the procedure so I can’t fault anyone. It just comes own to that age old uncertaintly of not actually knowong where your going to end up working. WE’ll get through it though. We always do.





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