It’s amazing the things that go through your mind at 7am.

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So your standing at your sink trying to fill it up so you can wash the dishes. You’ve been up with the baby since just before 6am and you’ve decided to wake up anyway now that you ‘ve managed to get them back down to sleep. You look out the window and catch the most amazing sunrise coming over the houses and decide to nip through and get your camera and gear and run out and take a few photos.

Now normally this wouldnt be a bad thing except it was something like 10 to 7 this morning. I was still standing in my dressing gown at the time and a sunrise only takes about 5 minutes before you lose any chance of a decent photo. I managed to get dressed, get my camera, change lenses and get my tripod into the back garden in the space of 2 minutes. And I couldnt get a decent view from the bloody garden. So I threw everything, including myself, on the roof of the coal shed. I got everything just lined up and the light was still looking good for maybe another 2-3 minutes worth of shooting. I managed to get 2 shots in and my battery died. It was right about this time that all my neighbours woke up, got out of bed, opened thier curtains and seen me standing there. On top of my coalshed. In shorts and teeshirt. At 7am.

I’m expecting some weird looks when I get home tonight.





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