Where’d the weekend go?

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This weekend has been a blur. I honestly don’t have a clue where it’s went.

I havent a clue what I did on friday night and about all I can remember about saturday was that we didnt go for a family day out that we were planning because Allan was wanting to do something with Findlay. Oh wait thats what I did on friday night I looked after the kids while Vonnie went round to her mates for some well needed time out enjoying herself rather than being stuck in the house. Vonnie’s dad also came over with his dog Belle who we are dogsitting for whilst they are away on holiday. Erica really didn’t want to settle on friday night and I think it may have been something to do with having a fair bit of trapped wind along with the sound of Belle pacing in the hall with the toenails/claws on the laminate echoing around the house.

On sunday I joined Vonnie on a trip into Glasgow. While she was with the kids in chuch I was planning on heading into Jessops and having them talk me through cleaning my cameras sensor as alot of dust and hairshad got in from changing lenses all the time. It seems camera shops don’t open before 12 on a sunday so I spent an hour wandering around glasgow until I finally found somewhere that would sell me a blower thingie. Managed to get that fixed and then what was supposed to be a quick visit to Confetti to look for ideas for wedding invites etc ended up in a trip around the Argyle Arcade as well. We ended up getting our wedding rings while we were there which is another of the major things out the way. Need to sort out buying a kilt by the end of the week though so we can get another few things in motion.

After that we had our last treat before locking up the wallets to save for christmas and the wedding and headed to TGI Friday’s. We had some nice food and the bill was alot less than we were expecting so bonus. We headed home and picked up Finn on the way and dropped in on Vonnie’s Nana for a wee while. By the time we got home it was 8pm and the day had flew past. I think I was in bed within the hour after taking Belle for a walk and here I am now.

It’s honestly been a blur and almost completely non-stop since I finished up work on friday. ':('





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