Like A Big Fluffy Pillow

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I dont know what it is. Theres something about today that has me smiling but not in a ‘oh my god I’m happy’ but more of a contented happy.

I was up almost all of last night with Erica. I don’t know whats up with her but she’s screamed on and off all night and so I’m told all day. She wok up at something stupid like 12.30 this morning and has been screaming for 15 minutes then sleeping for 10 the screaming for 20 mins and sleeping for 5. She had really bad trapped wind this morning and nothing would budge it so she couldnt lie down. This was a bit of a bugger as everytime I got her to go to sleep as soon as I lay her down she woke up screaming again. Every time she passed wind or you heard something gurgle inside her tummy she’d settle straight away and be asleep within seconds but guarenteed within 5-10 minutes she’ have another bubble stuck somewhere. She looked so knackered this morning.

Anyway as an upshot of that and the dreich weather meant that as I got to work and jumped off the bus I was very much awake but the world around seemed to be just stirring despite it being after 9am when I got there. If it wasn’t for cars driving disturbing the silence it reminded me very much of the days when I worked in Safeway and I’d be heading to work at for a 5am start just as the sun was supposed to be coming up and all you could see was drizzle but it was comforting. It was just something that made you smile and not care that you were getting wet. Thats almost exactly how it was this morning. I let Belle out in the back garden this morning at about 5ish and I had to go out and chase her back in. This i did in my dressing gown and mismatched trainers and I think thats where it started. I didnt care that the drizzle was soaking me. It’s like a cold winter ay when the fog has came down. Its almost like a huge duvet around everything. I like it ':)'





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