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*Sermon Starts*

So what do you do to save this planet from ourselves?

Until I moved into my new house I never recycled. If I was lucky the drinks cans at work would be put into the recycling box rather than the bin and the waste paper that did’nt have confidential information on it would be sent off as well for recycling. Once we moved in though we had a whole new blue recycling bin to play about with Thats not what this post is going to be about though.

When you have kids there is so much waste and I don’t just mean the contents of their nappies. Everything from clothes to bath tubs and disposable nappies all have a shelf life when it coms to kids. It’s easy to go through 5-6 disposable nappies a day some times which when you consider how much that actually makes up of your fortnightly rubbish you’ll soon begin to wonder where the hell your going to put the rest of the household rubbish!

How can you go about helping the earth when your filling the dumps with nappies that arent going to decompose in your kids lifetime never mind your own? One of the easiest ways in to go with reusable nappies. Its very possible you wore them yourselves when you were a kid. You’d be surprised just how easy the switch over is and with the advances in design over the years you’ll actually find they fit better and look more like disposables than the terry toweling sheets of yesteryear. In fact if it wasn’t for the fact our eldest was so big and we’re having trouble tracking down cloth nappies and wraps big enough for him you wouldnt ever see a disposable in our house now. Aside from the landfill filling 100+ year decomposition rate the energy used to make them works out at something like twice as much as a cloth nappy would over its lifetime when you take into account construction and washing.

Forgetting nappies though lets move on to the other things you’l encounter. Clothes and equipment. Anyone and everyone will buy clothes for the wee one at some point. In fact you’ll possibly find that they’ll be lucky to wear each outfit once at times so what will you do with them once they’ve worn that dress just the once and have grown out of it? You’ll always know someone thats having a baby and you can guarentee that most parents will be grateful of the offer for extra clothes. Even although they may only ever wear some things once the rate that they go through clean clothes is phenominal!

The other thing that we’ve got into, or rather Vonnie has, is freeshare/cycle. When Nairn was born we had the furniture already from Finn and we had the pram bought for us by my parents but over time we’ve managed to pick up things that are no longer needed by people and that we are crying out for. We got a perfectly useable pram that is actually far better constructed than any of the prams we’ve actually paid hard cash for and the boys bed came from there as well. Reusing things like this not only saves you alot of money but by reusing them your stopping them taking up more space that landfill and making a small bit of difference.

OK ok ok I know this has been a bit of a shite post and most of you if not all won’t actually give a crap about the subject. But when you consider just how much cash we’ve saved never mind the benefits from recycling or being careful with our waste your looking at a tidy sum that can be used elsewhere. In anyones book thats worth it alone let alone the fringe benefits of helping the earth.

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