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Some folk read my blog on The Apochrypha. Some folk read the syndication over on Livejournal. The problem is I have no control over the syndicated feed as once its passed from my RSS feed onto LJ I can’t touch it. I don’t even know if anyone comments on a post unless I check up on it. So i’ve added a new pluging to WP that should hopefully cross post my entries to LJ where I do still have some control over the post and will be notified of any comments.

So updates since the last one.

Well we got a labrador puppy called Daphne. We’ve actually had her since a week past on sunday but I’ve not mentioned her here. She’s trying my patience with the toilet training thing but we’ll get there.

Stoo and Laura’s engagement party on saturday night was fun and was good to see everyone again. It’s been weird suffering a hangover again though. I won’t go into Vonnie’s drunken shenanigans though. She’s a funny drunk person ':)'





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