If a picture is worth a thousand words does that mean 5000 pictures is worth 5 million?

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Flickr is annoying me. Not in a ‘it’s crap’ way but in a ‘the only time I really get to use it i’m at work without access to the photos I want to upload’ way.

Between myself and Vonnie we must have the better part of 5000 pictures on my PC. We’re wanting to use Flickr as a backup for them but at the same time those that I’ve took I want to make sure they look good. I don’t mind snapshots going up untouched but any photo that I’ve taken that I think is not bad and I’ve done photoshop work on it ultimately gets saved at 700 x 467 as thats the size my photoblog uses so the originals are still untouched. The essence of what I’m getting at is I need to redo all my photoshop work. That’s alot of computer time ':('

Maybe I’ll throw together some ‘actions’ and batch process a few and see how they come out. I might be able to shave a bit of time off that way.

*goes off to come up with a plan to get his photo collection to work to use it’s superfast upload speeds*





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