The things that finally click in your brain…

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I’ve been going through the photos I had scanned for my old gallery for uploading to Flickr over the past few days. I came across a scan of a poem that someone wrote for my grandad many many years ago and finally made a connection that has been annoying me for years.

I used to have a frame copy of the poem on my shelf above my PC at my parents home when I was younger and the authors name used to annoy me in that ‘ I recognise it but can’t place it’ kind of a way. My grandad was heavily into his politics and knew many important people and met many more over the years. Its only just now that I’ve realised the Samual Galbriath that wrote the poem is the same Sam Galbraith that was the Minister for Children and Education in the Scottish Executive under Donald Dewar. He had his ups and downs but I never realised I had a hand written poem by him sitting in my room all those years.





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