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Why is it everytime I cook Lasagna there’s something missing?

The first few times I tried it I followed recipes from chefs that I trust and it just wasn’t right. Last night I tried to mix and match a few to see if that would help. It did to an extent as I realised red wine would have helped me out in the past but even then it wasn’t quite what was needed. I ended up adding a bit of chilli powder on Vonnie’s orders which to me goes against the spirit of Italian food. Its all about the taste and not the heat ':)'

My, quite literally, blood sweat and tears went into making last nights and it was nice but I’ll need to hunt for that missing ingrediant. As for the blood I managed to almost slice my fingertip off as I was chopping the onions. Trying to hold the onion together as I sliced and I hit a mini onion in the middle. The wee swirly bits always catch me out as you think the momentum of th eknife will carry it through but oh no. It’ll either stick or slide to the side. In this case it slid and caught my finger with the momentum. It took a bit to stop bleeding but I’m fine now thanks ':)'

Oh and I finally got round to proposing last night. I’ll post about that over the weekend probably when Ive got the time to do the entry justice :p





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