So…the engagement.

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I’ve been thinking about this for ages. How I’d ask. Where I’d ask. When I’d ask. But every time I came up with an idea something made me put it in the bad idea pile.

My main ‘problem’ was that I was refusing to do it until Vonnie was divorced. We’ve done everything else backwards so I just wanted one thing to be done right. I had no idea the divorce would be through by now and was actually expecting it to be another 3-4 weeks which is when we were going to be in London for a long weekend hopefully. There’s some doubt about wether we’ll be able to go anyway but suffice tit to say given when Vonnie’s divorce came through she’d have killed me if I’d waited that long. Which if you think about it is really something I’d rather miss out on.

So to the ring. I’d been looking about for something within my budget for a good while now. My plan was brilliant. In order that Vonnie never finds out just how much I paid for it I was going to use my empty credit card to pay for it. We’d paid it off with a loan a while and I’d been keeping it for emergencies. This way I could also spread out the payments a bit in case the money was needed sooner elsewhere for the wedding. We’d went looking for wedding rings, like I said backwards, a while ago and picked ours up but in doing so Vonnie noticed a few she liked the look of and as a couple of them were on my list of possibles I had something to go on. On the morning I went to buy the ring I found out my card was canceled. When I say canceled I mean that in the strangest way. I don’t remember doing it but apparently part of the condition of the loan was the card was cancelled. Normlly this would be a good thing but they never they didnt close it properly. I still had full access to the online side of things so as far as I was concerned it still worked. ANYWAY…we worked our way around that and I picked a ring. The one Vonnie really really really liked was already sold though so I went with plan B and chose my other choice. I spent the next few days fretting that it wans’t the one for Vonnie and that she’d hate it. I even tried to wangle time off to head back into Glasgow and see about changing it.

My main problem was Vonnie knew I had bought it and was getting stressed anytime I did something strange or went quiet. I thought she wanted the proposal to be perfect and I wanted it to be. I just couldn’t work out when that would be. The Saturday night we were at a friends engagement party so I didn’t feel right upstaging that one. Sunday was meant to be a family day I think but we ended up driving all over the shot while hungover and all we wanted was an early night. I tried to get baby sitters for during the week so we could go out to dinner or something but between the state of the house and the amount of work Vonnie was putting in with the kids meant even if I did get a baby sitter we wouldn’t get out the house. We’d just end up in bed sleeping or tidying up.

So I decided I’d do my best to make Wednesday night calm for everyone and hopefully see where that took us. I got off work early and came home. I was intent on making dinner and having us all at the table eating just like Vonnie wanted the previous night and once that was out the way I dealt with the kids while Vonnie took some time to relax. The night went really well except Vonnie was getting pissed off about the slightest things and neither of us know why. She was shattered and between everything going on I’d probably have been the same but the night was well needed though.

Thursday I thought I’d try again. Made lasagna from scratch but it wasn’t quite right. Managed to get the kids in bed on time but it was a struggle but Vonnie was getting the time to relax again. We’d talked earlier about how the only time we actually get to be ourselves and relax is that hour just before we go to sleep when we get in bed and watch an episode of CSI or whatever. It’s great. Every night without fail we snuggle up and watch one of the many programs we follow and get some us time. So anyway as we lay there I finally decided that was the time. I rolled over and we had a wee chat about a few things and I said a few things and made a few promises. Then I asked her to marry me. Thankfully she said yes and thankfully she liked the ring. I won’t go into the detail of what was said as Vonnie mentioned in her blog its kind of personal and lessens it a wee bit of post it up for anyone to read.

I’ve been terrified since then that anyone that hears the story of how it happened will think I copped out or that I just don;t have an ounce of romance in my bones. The thing is though it felt right at that moment. Anything else I could have done would have just felt contrived and thats the one thing our relationship has never been. I’m glad it went this way ':)'





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